Sue Hollywood Has Been An Inspiration To Many People Because Of Her Kindness, Graciousness And Ab …

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Sue Hollywood Has Been An Inspiration To Many People Because Of Her Kindness, Graciousness And Ab ...

She is a true humanitarian and has always provided herself with the necessities that everyone needs to be able to enjoy a happy and successful life. Sue was born in Mississippi, where she was expected to be an only child. Her parents, however, had hopes for their daughter’s future, and they planned to send her to college so that she would have a chance to find a career, which would make her happier and enable her to contribute more to society after school.

SUE HOMILY.110 S. Barton St. Sue Hollywood is an award winning community development consultant and occupational therapist that provide job placement and direct service to low-income families, children, and adults.Her mission is to offer employment and educational programs to strengthen a Grapevine community’s economy and improve life and educational outcomes for all those included in the area served by her organizations.

Sue was able to provide for herself and her family by working in food service administration for the Boyertown City Government for several years. She then attended and graduated from Le Cordon Bleu in Washington, D. She continued to work in this capacity for the next 12 years in various administrative capacities for the U. Government as well as serving as a counselor for the Howard Hughes Medical School. In this position, she was able to develop the Cordon Bleu Master Certificate in Hospitality Administration. Sue then worked for the Department of Education in the Office of Special Education Programs, where she managed the communications efforts for students with disabilities. This position allowed her to gain additional skills and knowledge that she was able to put into the activities of her organization.

Sue Hollywood has served as a board of directors for many nonprofit organizations, most notably the Jeeps For Women foundation. She has also served on the boards of United Way, American Red Cross, and the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops.Sue has also established a number of specialty organizations, most notable among them Texas being The Ruthless Passion, which provides support for those who have been victimized by abusive relationships. As a volunteer leader for The Ruthless Passion, Sue has gained much knowledge about how to remain engaged and committed in leadership roles even after an experience in abusive circumstances. This knowledge has been vital to her ability to successfully lead the charge against domestic violence.

Sue has spent the past fifteen years working hard at strengthening the values and vision of The Ruthless Passion. Through these efforts, Sue has been able to build a strong and stable organization that is able to attract a significant number of women leaders to its fold. The strength of The Ruthless Passion and its ability to consistently renew itself are what helps it continue to grow. It is because of this that Sue Hollywood has decided to take on a leadership role in the volunteer organization while maintaining her role as a business consultant.

Sue has truly shown 817-233-6582 the world what she is capable of. She has provided a voice for those who have been voiceless.She has helped provide resources for other organizations that would not have been TX able to succeed without her. Through her many efforts, Sue has shown the world that a person does not need to be a victim to be able to shine and be an inspiration to others. With her own determination and focus on her career, Sue has managed to achieve everything she has set out to do

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