MAKOplasty Is A New Type Of Knee Surgery That Uses Advanced Technology

This new procedure has made partial knee replacement more precise than ever. In the past, patients were not recommended this procedure because the


were difficult to fit. But today, with MAKOplasty, these problems can be solved. This procedure is now used to replace the damaged part of the knee. And thanks to its many advantages, it is the top choice of orthopedic surgeons for patients with osteoarthritis.

The procedure has several advantages over other types of surgery.It is 85258 also much faster and less painful than other types of knee replacement procedures. The recovery time from this type of surgery is significantly less than that of other types of surgeries.Moreover, patients usually have a Scottsdale smaller scar, which means less pain after the procedure. The procedure can return patients to normal activities within weeks, whereas a traditional knee replacement might take several months. Furthermore, patients are free to return to active activities right away.

Before MAKOplasty knee surgery, a CT scan is required. The 3-D anatomical model allows the surgeon to plan the implant placement more accurately. The robotic arm helps the surgeon position the implant in a more natural way, and the procedure helps preserve the old ligaments. With more accurate results, MAKOplasty can also be used for total knee replacement.In (480) 483-0393 some cases, it may be better for a patient with severe osteoarthritis to knee doctor scottsdale have a total knee replacement.

The majority of patients who undergo MAKOplasty are candidates for total knee replacement, though this is not the only type of procedure. Some people have a combination of conditions, resulting in a total knee replacement. If MAKOplasty is not right for you, your doctor may suggest another procedure, such as a partial knee replacement. A surgeon may also recommend an alternative treatment for those who have had this surgery. If you’re in good health, you should consider this procedure if it is a good option for you.

MAKOplasty knee surgery is not a replacement for the entire knee. It is a partial replacement, which leaves the healthy tissue intact. This type of knee surgery is more compact than a full replacement, but it does require the same level of care.It is an ideal United States of America solution for those who have mild osteoarthritis and don’t want a total knee. In addition to restoring mobility, MAKOplasty is also an effective treatment for arthritis in the knee.

MAKOplasty knee surgery is a popular option for patients suffering from osteoarthritis. It can help them regain mobility and function after joint pain or injury. But it has a few disadvantages.The recovery time 8630 East Via De Ventura Suite 201 is short. There are no significant restrictions after MAKOplasty, but the surgery may not be right for you. The recovery process is more complex with TKA than with TKA. If you’re having arthritis in your knee, you should seek out a specialist who specializes in this type of treatment

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MAKOplasty Is A New Type Of Knee Surgery That Uses Advanced Technology

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